Chicago Bears fleeced Oakland Raiders for Khalil Mack and you know it

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The Bears committed robbery, and there is no argument.

In case you missed out on the full deal, here it is again:

So, why on earth would the Bears have won a deal in which they gave up multiple first-round picks?

Quite honestly, why on earth could you possibly argue differently?

Let’s look at it from this perspective: For starters, Mack is essentially going to be the Bears’ first-round pick in 2019 — fair? Of course it’s fair. It’s logic. Would you be fine with your team getting a guaranteed, multiple-time All-Pro with its first-round pick in next year’s draft?

You’d be crazy not to.

Second, the Bears essentially swapped a third rounder for a second-round pick in the 2020 draft. Would you give up a third-round pick for a second-round pick?

Of course you would. That’s elementary-level thinking.

Third, the Bears upgraded a late-round pick. They gave up a sixth-rounder in exchange for a fifth-rounder. Would you trade a sixth-round pick for a fifth-round pick?

Once again, of course you would — more of that elementary-level thinking, I know. It’s not difficult to process.

Let’s recap. The Bears are essentially drafting Mack with their first-round pick next year (easy decision), gave up a third-round pick for a second-round pick (another easy decision), while also trading a sixth-round pick for a fifth-round pick (would you look at that, another no-brainer).

The Bears traded a first-round pick for Mack while upgrading two other draft picks.

Are you paying attention, yet?