Chicago Bears: 5 must-know facts about Khalil Mack trade

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The Bears’ Super Bowl odds jumped drastically

The Bears are Super Bowl champions!

How does that sound? Pretty crazy, right? Yeah, I would agree with that.

The Bears probably won’t win the Super Bowl in 2018-2019, but their chances drastically improved based on acquiring a single player. That should speak volumes about how the nation views a player like Mack.

That’s right, after acquiring just a single player, the Bears’ Super Bowl odds for this season jumped from 100-1 all the way up to 40-1.

That is how good Mack is. That is how ridiculously foolish it was for the Raiders to give up on a player like him — all because of the dollar.

Mack is a superstar. He is not only a defensive cornerstone but a franchise cornerstone. The thing about the Bears’ Super Bowl odds and how their entire offseason has gone is that Pace hasn’t just focused on one particular aspect of his team.

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Mack certainly fills an enormous void — really the only major void the Bears had following the preseason — but most of the holes were already plugged throughout the last six months.

Pace has gone out and improved every single aspect of this team. If the Bears are to make the playoffs and even have a shot at contending for a Super Bowl this season, it’s not going to be solely based on Mack — even though that’s how the newest odds appear.

No, the Bears are going to be a highly-competitive team based on the fact that Pace has added talent all over the place, including across his coaching staff. Pace has had the offseason of a lifetime, and it was capped off by adding arguably the best defensive player in all of football.