Chicago Bears: 3 reasons why Khalil Mack makes the Bears a playoff team

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Chicago Bears Khalil Mack
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Mack is the superstar that the Bears previously lacked

In dozens of preseason power rankings and analysis, a common knock against the Bears was that they lacked a “star”, and that the defense was just a group of “good” players.

That has all changed as of Saturday. As aforementioned, Mack is one of, if not the best defensive player in the NFL.

Looking at past Bears seasons, there’s evidence to back up the old claim that lacking a superstar is a knock against a team as a whole.

Since the 2014-15 season, the Bears have gone three consecutive seasons without having a player selected (excluding reserves) to the Pro-Bowl. During that span, the Bears are a combined 14-34.

Add Khalil Mack, and the Bears have a perennial Pro-Bowler. Mack will be the Bears clear leader on the field, something that the Bears have had a glaring shortage of in recent years.

Additionally, Mack’s pure dominance changes the way that the Bears defense is looked at by the league as a whole. Mack is certainly the Bears most dominant defensive player since recent Hall-of-Fame inductee Brian Urlacher, and is likely the Bears first Pro-Bowler on defense since Charles Tillman in 2014.

Every playoff team has a superstar. Whether it be a franchise quarterback, Pro-Bowl running back or All-Pro defender, every team needs a superstar in order to play past December. Now, the Bears have their superstar.