Chicago Bears: 3 reasons why Khalil Mack makes the Bears a playoff team

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Mack makes the Bears a consensus top-5 defense

Before the trade, the Bears had an above-average defense, easily a top-10 unit in the league. Now, theres no doubt that the Bears have a top-5 defense in the NFL.

Prior to the acquisition of Mack, the Bears lacked an additional edge rusher to compliment Floyd. Now, Floyd will serve as a nice compliment to Mack.

In front of Mack and Floyd is the Bears already-strong group of Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman and Jonathan Bullard. With Danny Trevethan and Smith at linebacker, the Bears have their best front-seven in years.

With the addition of Mack, the Bears should figure to play much more aggressive on defense, pressuring the quarterback at a high rate. The heavy pressure put on by the front-seven will force opposing quarterbacks to make throws in coverage, where the Bears stellar secondary will feast off of interception opportunities.

It’s amazing how one player can transform a good defense into a great defense. Few players in the league have that kind of impact, and Mack happens to be one of them.

With Khalil Mack in the fold, the Bears entire defensive strategy becomes more aggressive. The Bears defense as a whole is a more formidable group, and the Bears have their Pro-Bowl edge rusher.

With Mack, Hicks and Smith, three of the Bears front-seven are viable Pro-Bowl candidates right out of the gate. Imagine having to gameplay against that as an opposing offensive coordinator.