Chicago Bears: 3 surprises in preseason finale vs. Buffalo Bills

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The Chicago Bears faced off against the Buffalo Bills to wrap up the preseason schedule. Here are three things that surprised me about Thursday’s game.

The Chicago Bears have had a pretty solid preseason. While the games may not mean much, the team has shown to have some depth that could prove beneficial in the regular season. The Bears third-string players were ready to show their skill on Thursday against the Buffalo Bills. Roster spots were on the line for many of these players. To them, it was far from meaningless.

The final preseason game of a team’s schedule is usually the game where coaches look for guys in danger of being cut to step up. The players lowest on the depth chart are getting the most playing time, but they also have the most incentive to play hard. This was evident on Thursday when a lot of the lower level players made big plays.

Coach Matt Nagy was criticized by Bears fans for not playing the starters in the team’s fourth preseason game last week. This is traditionally the game where the starters are featured the most. However, more NFL teams are shying away from that tradition. The starters were basically cheerleaders on the sidelines on Thursday, rooting on their teammates and having fun.

Thursday’s game gave players whose names you might not recognize a chance to make an impact. Some guys may have even solidified a roster spot with effective performances. Here are three things that surprised me during Thursday’s preseason finale.