Chicago Bears: 5 most consistent players during 2018 NFL Preseason

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Running Back Ryan Nall

If you have followed any of my opinion or analysis on the Bears over the past month, you know I’m a big Ryan Nall fan. No, it’s not just the fact that he happens to have a great name. The guy can flat-out play football.

He can flat-out play running back!

A lot of folks wanted to peg him as solely a bigger back who could make a transition to fullback and push Michael Burton off the roster — and trust me, that guy shouldn’t be on the roster.

But, Nall isn’t just some big back who could make a switch. No, he’s a guy who could play multiple positions if asked. However, he’s a running back, folks.

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Nall finished the preseason with 223 rushing yards on 32 carries, which is good for an average just short of seven yards per carry — 6.97 yards per carry, to be exact. His long run was a thrilling 69-yard scamper down the sideline where he showed the ability to get to the outside quickly, and then get upfield.

Nall is a better football player than Burton. He’s a better football player than Taquan Mizzell. If the Bears get lucky, he ends up on their practice squad. If they don’t want to depend on luck, however, they could keep him as a fourth back. Regardless, he’s been fun to watch and deserves to stay in Chicago one way or another.