Chicago Bears: 10 players fighting for roster spot vs. Buffalo Bills

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Ryan Nall Chicago Bears
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Running Back Ryan Nall

A great story this offseason has been that of undrafted running back Ryan Nall out of Oregon State. With the Beavers, he was an excellent running back — notice the key word “running back.”

Now in Chicago, many wonder whether he should be flipped into more of an H-back role, where he plays a bit of fullback, running back and even tight end. His competition in this realm is fullback Michael Burton, who for some reason is still on this roster. Nall is much quicker than Burton and has the potential to be used to a higher potential.

In my opinion, he has shown enough flashes to wear he should also beat out Taquan Mizzell for a spot on the roster. However, Mizzell continues to come onto the field prior to Nall and has seen a lot of playing time.

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Nall will need a convincing outing against the Bills in order to have a shot at making the team. If the Bears decided to keep four running backs and release Burton, that’s where he would come in. If they decided to keep Burton and Mizzell, I would consider that a head-scratcher.

In any event, the last running back and maybe sole fullback spot is going to be an intriguing, intense battle to keep your eye on against Buffalo.