Chicago Bears: Three players in danger of being cut

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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Bennie Fowler Chicago Bears
Bennie Fowler Chicago Bears /

Player Number Two: Bennie Fowler

Unlike Mizzell, Bennie Fowler isn’t in danger of being cut because of his lack of performance.

While Fowler still hasn’t done much in the preseason (just two catches for 11 yards on Saturday), its the performance of the other wide receivers competing against him that puts him on the wrong side of the roster cuts.

Both Javon Wims and Kevin White, two players competing for the final two wide receiver spots, had huge games on Saturday. White had two catches for 33 yards and a touchdown, while Wims had four catches for 114 yards (!!!) and a touchdown.

The Bears likely won’t fit all three on the 53-man roster, and after Saturday, Fowler certainly won’t be one of the two to make the team.

Especially considering the fact that the Bears haven’t seen enough of White, a former first-rounder, and that Wims was drafted in the 2018 draft, the Bears likely won’t cut either of the two, and their preseason performances haven’t given them any reason to do so anyways.

Unfortunately for Bennie Fowler, the Bears wide receiver core looks deeper than the past few seasons, leaving the Bears no need to keep an underperforming veteran wide on the 53 man roster when there are needs elsewhere.