Chicago Bears: 3 surprises in preseason game vs. Chiefs

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Chicago Bears defensive end Kylie Fitts
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Bears defense makes some standout plays against Chiefs starters

While the Bears sat most of their starters on both sides of the ball for most of Saturday’s game, the Chiefs didn’t follow suit. Most of the offensive starters for the Chiefs played into the first series of the third quarter, giving a big test to some defensive guys lower on the depth chart who were looking to make an impact.

They weren’t perfect, but the defensive backups made solid plays against a Chiefs offense that features stars like running back Kareem Hunt and wide receiver Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs also have a rising start at quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. Hill did catch a touchdown from Mahomes in the first quarter, but the Bears defense put up a great effort in what some would consider a mismatch.

The Bears were up 24-10 at halftime after holding the Chiefs to 14 passing yards in the second quarter. The Chiefs offensive starters came out in the second half and drove down the field into the red zone of the Bears. When it seemed like Mahomes was about to make a play to bring the Chiefs back within striking distance, the defense came through.

On a 2nd and 1 play from the Bears’ four-yard line, linebacker Isaiah Irving and defensive lineman Bilal Nichols combined for a sack on Mahomes. After a 10-yard Chiefs penalty on 3rd and 2, the Bears held the Chiefs to a 10-yard pass to force fourth down. On fourth down the Bears pressured Mahomes and forced an incomplete pass for a turnover on downs.

Special teams standout Sherrick McManis also had a heavy hit on a punt return. Overall, the defensive backups came through when they were needed most. Considering how long the Chiefs played their starters it’s pretty impressive that the Bears defense could hold their own.

The Bears picked up their second preseason win on Saturday solely because of the backups, and that has to feel pretty good for those guys in the locker room. The team will finish the preseason against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday. The backups will get another chance to shine in that game, as there’s a very good chance no starters will be playing at Soldier Field.