Chicago Bears: In defense of Mitch Trubisky

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Adjustment period

To a certain extent, it feels like Trubisky is a rookie again. Though he played in 12 games last season, it never felt as though John Fox allowed him to experience the growing pains of a rookie. Instead, the Bears did their best to protect Mitch from failure. Ironically, in doing so they created conditions more conducive to failure.

By predictably running the ball on first and second down, Trubisky routinely faced insurmountable odds in third and long situations. Not only was the down and distance an uphill climb, but he was doing it with a rag-tag group of receivers and a patchwork offensive line.

Let’s revisit that corps of wide receivers Trubisky was throwing to last year: Dontrelle Inman, Josh Bellamy, Tre McBride, Deonte Thompson, and Kendall Wright. Arguably Mitch’s best option was Wright who is in danger of being cut from the Minnesota Vikings.

The takeaway here is that Trubisky gained very little playing in an antiquated offense, with a below average supporting cast, all while the offensive coordinator put him in a position to fail. Trubisky is now having to learn a new offense, with a new group of receivers. He’s basically starting over in year two.

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In other words, he’s going to endure some of the same growing pains he did last season. Imagine if your boss came to you and changed everything about the way you do your job. Then expected you to execute flawlessly. Sounds unreasonable right?

The same rationale should apply to Trubisky. Fans need to be patient and not hold him to an impossible standard. It is fair to expect to see him grow and learn from his mistakes. If by the end of the season he is still making the same mistakes he made in week one, then it might be time to worry. Until then, the media and fans alike need to step back and enjoy the journey. It could end with a franchise quarterback.