Chicago Bears: In defense of Mitch Trubisky

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Enough with the comparisons

Everyone seems eager to compare Trubisky to just about every young quarterback in the NFL. Experts and fans want to judge Trubisky against what players like Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.

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If you listen to any Chicago sports talk radio it feels like everything Trubisky does is judged against what Watson and Mahomes accomplish. People were drooling over the 68-yard bomb Mahomes threw to Tyreek Hill in their last preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons.

If you only listened to the Chicago media, you’d think Mahomes was cruising through his first preseason as the starter, acing every test along the way. But would you be surprised if I told you that he’s been throwing an alarming number of interceptions in camp?

Chances are you would because all you’ve probably heard is what a mistake the Bears made by moving up to take Trubisky when they could have traded back and taken Mahomes. It should come as no surprise, to even the casual fan, that a young quarterback might go through growing pains.

But that doesn’t fit into the narrative that Mahomes is the next great thing, or that Pace doesn’t know what he’s doing, that some in the media continue to push. Therefore, you don’t hear about Mahomes’ struggles.

Even more absurd is that some want to measure Trubisky’s success against what Jimmy Garoppolo does. Many fans wanted the Bears to trade for Garoppolo and so they will always judge him against Jimmy G.

This is also a flawed way to look at it. First of all, at the time the Bears were interested, the Patriots weren’t willing to deal him. Besides, Trubisky and Garoppolo can each have successful careers. It’s not as though there is some magical limit on the number of quarterbacks that can have success.

Comparing Trubisky to any other quarterback seems foolish and like a waste of time. Trubisky is going to rise or fall based on what he does for the Bears. Judging him by how he performs against other quarterbacks you wanted the Bears to acquire is good for ratings, but that’s about it.