Chicago Bears: In defense of Mitch Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears have always had their detractors, but right now, they need to back-off Mitch Trubisky.

Negativity around the Chicago Bears is nothing new. The last decade has given fans little to cheer or even be hopeful about. The Marc Trestman era was a debacle, and yet somehow the John Fox era was worse.

Although it’s a new season, with a new staff, and a new cast of characters, the detractors are still out in full force. The disappointing thing is that a lot of the negativity is coming from local media outlets. Maybe the negativity drives ratings, or maybe it’s just their disposition by nature, but whatever it is, it needs to stop.

There are Packers fans who are more optimistic on the Bears’ outlook than some of the team’s own reporters/media personalities. And while Ryan Pace takes the brunt of the criticism, quarterback Mitch Trubisky is a close second. Frankly, it has gotten tiresome listening to pundits talk as if they are perpetually waiting for him to fail.

No matter what Trubisky accomplishes, there always seems to be a qualifier attached. Anytime he does something positive, it’s inevitably followed by “yeah, but.” I wish these pundits argued on behalf of Trubisky with the same fervor. Sadly they do not, and so I decided to do that for them.

To those pundits, I say, in the words of the immortal Frank Costanza, “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now, you’re gonna hear about them.” And so I give you a few reasons why the criticism and concern over Trubisky are premature, unfair and in some cases, even inaccurate.