Chicago Bears: Ridiculously bold predictions for offense in 2018-2019

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Bold Prediction No. 4

Cody Whitehair stays at center for the entire 2018 season

I’m sure Whitehair is just as sick of all the talk as I am. Heck, I’m sure both Nagy and offensive line coach Harry Heistand are sick of it as well. Has Whitehair had some bad snaps? Yes. But, do you know who else struggled in the shotgun early on in his career?

Olin Kreutz.

Tell me how his career ended up — go ahead, I’m listening.

The fact is, Whitehair has played great games in the NFL at the center position.

This is just one game, sure. But, it was a game played against the NFL’s 12th-ranked overall defense in 2017. The Ravens also came in at 11th in sacks last season. Baltimore knows how to create turnovers, and it starts up front. Whitehair played excellent — and he did it at the center position.

Those demanding that a switch is made between Whitehair and James Daniels are justified in their opinions. I fully understand that some of Whitehairs snaps have been bad. But, the vote of confidence Whitehair has received from not only his coach, but his quarterback recently, should speak volumes.

It’s so far into camp and Whitehair is still so new at the position that keeping him at center does make sense. Not to mention, Daniels will ultimately flourish at guard. He is the more athletic one, and in this kind of offense, guards need to be as athletic as ever. They will be the ones often pulling and helping adjust the line to screens and trick plays.

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Whitehair stays at center for the entire 2018 season. Not only that, but he will surprise even the biggest of critics. Book it.