White Sox: Why you should be excited about the 2019 MLB Schedule

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Chicago White Sox 2019 Schedule
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Where the Sox will open, close and in between

The White Sox will open the 2019 season on March 28th in Kansas City, and add two more on the 30th and 31st. They will open the Comiskey portion of the season (you know where you can take your “Guaranteed Rate Field” and where you can put it) on April 4th against the Mariners.

They will close the season with three games at home Detroit September 27-29, which might be nice if the Sox are chasing any kind of playoff spot at the time and it’s close.

They will face the Cubs four times, with two at Wrigley June 18th and 19th and the two at Comiskey July 6th and 7th. The rest of the inter-league schedule will see the Sox facing the NL East, with trips to Washington, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. They will face the Mets, Nationals, and Marlins at home, though they don’t have any inter-league games before June.

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In a quirk, the White Sox will have to head to the West Coast three times, with singular trips to Oakland, Anaheim, and Seattle, and not doing them all in one swing as would usually be the custom.

As for the holidays, the White Sox will be home on Memorial Day against the Royals, home for July 4th against the Tigers, and in Cleveland on Labor Day.