White Sox: Why you should be excited about the 2019 MLB Schedule

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(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /
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Chicago White Sox Eloy Jimenez
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The MLB announced the 2019 schedule yesterday. Here’s what you need to know about what the Chicago White Sox will face next year.

For the first time in a few seasons, there will be expectations on the Chicago White Sox in 2019. The rebuild won’t be quite to fruition, but it will be the first time the Sox will be taking huge steps forward, or at least that will be the hope.

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There will be full seasons for Michael Kopech and Eloy Jimenez, barring injury of course. Dylan Cease should be up at some point. If everything goes right, Luis Robert could come up for air later in the season. Maybe even Nick Madrigal gets the call.

Could the Sox contend? It’s possible. The Twins seemingly have stalled out. There’s always a question of how long Cleveland can keep their team together, and Cory Kluber will have another season of mileage on his odometer. The Royals and Tigers are still on the bottom half of their rebuilding circle. There’s every reason to be excited if you’re a White Sox fan about 2019 and beyond.

What does the course they have to run in 2019 have to say? Baseball is not like football where your schedule can really boost you. You already know who you’re playing, and other than catching a break in interleague play, it’s the same every year. But here are some things that jump out.