Chicago Bears: Second joint practice with Denver Broncos revealed plenty

Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Anthony Miller Chicago Bears
Anthony Miller Chicago Bears /

The Bad

Training camp fights aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes they can fire up underperforming players, or show coaches that third or fourth stringers have the fire and the will to compete no matter what. Thursday’s practice saw a skirmish that Bears fans shouldn’t be so happy about.

The Bears and Broncos got into a small scuffle during punt return drills. While no video exists of the fight, there were reporters there that witnessed it go down. It doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but Bears second round pick wide receiver Anthony Miller was in the middle of it all. He allegedly threw a punch, which isn’t what Bears fans want to hear right now.

That’s not a good look for Miller. Things would’ve gotten really ugly if Miller injured his hand punching a player with a helmet on. Miller has impressed fans and coaches alike with his performances during training camp, and it looks like he could be plugged into the starting offense right away once the season starts. Here’s hoping Miller learns from this moment.

The day wasn’t all bad for Miller though. He was able to catch and hold six footballs at once during a drill fielding punts. Check this out:

So, Miller had a fun moment for the fans, but he also had a moment where he let his emotions get the best of them — it happens to a lot of players. Ideally, it was just a blip and he moves past that without any issue.