Chicago Bears: 3 reasons adding Khalil Mack must happen

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Mack in Green Bay?

There are plenty of reasons the Bears should do what it takes to acquire Mack’s services. Most of them pertain to how he would benefit the team. However, this last reason is more about assuring he doesn’t benefit the Green Bay Packers.

In a frightening development, the Packers have emerged as the odds-on favorite to land Mack. Their odds are even better than Mack’s current team, the Raiders. If the Packers were to land Mack, it would be catastrophic to the Bears chances of winning the division in the near future.

Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the position. However, the Packers have largely squandered his talent, having only gotten to one Super Bowl during his career. That was seven years ago. Despite not reaching the Super Bowl since the Packers have enjoyed a ton of success. Rodgers has almost single-handedly gotten them in the playoffs with an average to below-average defense.

Granted quarterbacks are playing longer and longer, but the reality is the window for Rodgers and the Packers will not stay open forever. Could the Packers decide to go all-in and try to win at least one more championship? If so, adding a guy like Mack to give them a quality defense could be the answer.

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The Bears simply cannot allow that to happen. The division is tough enough. However, a Packers team with Mack becomes the odds-on favorite to win the division this year and the foreseeable future. Therefore, if the Bears are serious about contending now, they need to not only secure the player that can best help them do that, but also prevent their arch rivals from doing the same.