Chicago Bears: Why Roquan Smith should play against Broncos

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It shall be earned

Smith is not going to simply be handed the starting job. He might have a significant advantage as being a first-round pick and arguably the nation’s best college linebacker last year, but nothing is handed to you in the NFL.

Nick Kwiatkoski has had a very strong camp, and as of right now he has earned the starting role. Smith needs the reps to prove he deserves to overtake Kwiatkoski.

Don’t get it twisted: Smith is going to be a much better pro than Kwiatkoski, and he’ll more than likely prove that from the moment he steps on the field.

But, isn’t that what we all want, at this point in time? We want to see Smith step on the field and, from the very first snap, show exactly why he was worth the wait. Fans, coaches and his teammates probably share that same sentiment.

Smith’s teammates have been out there in the heat, day-in and day-out, practicing their tails off. For him to be given a job at this point would be somewhat of a shot to the rest of those guys, so I see no way he isn’t out there on Saturday earning exactly what he is supposed to earn.

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This defense is only going to get better with Smith on the field, but the kid needs to sweat a bit first. Once his play on the field matches the expectations he’s been given, Smith will be out there starting on the inside for the Bears — and, hopefully that’s Week 1.