Chicago Bears: 5 must-know facts regarding Roquan Smith’s holdout

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Roquan Smith holdout Chicago Bears
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It’s all on Smith

This is it. It has come to this point, and it doesn’t look good from here. What we do know, right now, is that both sides are at a stalemate and don’t appear to be in talks. So, how long does this thing go?

There is always a possibility of Smith sticking it to the Bears, holding out all season long and then re-entering the 2019 NFL Draft. This would be in the extreme of scenarios, but it is absolutely a possibility.

If Smith is truly a man of high integrity, which I would hope he is, why doesn’t he end this now? He has the power to tell his agency what he wants to do. He can end it all any time he wants to. A man of high character shouldn’t have to worry about off-field issues resulting in a suspension, and therefore loss of guaranteed money.

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I am not one to make judgement on heart or intent, but I do typically give folks the benefit of the doubt. In this case, I do believe Smith is a high-character person. What I am hoping for now, along with fans everywhere, is that he stands up to his agency and gets his tail to his teammates.