Chicago Bears: 5 must-know facts regarding Roquan Smith’s holdout

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Roquan Smith holdout Chicago Bears
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Reason behind holdout has layers

To this day, I still see fans on social media ranting and raving about how the new helmet rule is what’s causing Smith’s holdout. Those fans are very, very behind in this entire saga.

While the new helmet rule was initially rumored to be part of the issue with the contract language, that’s not the sticking point. The problem actually stems from the fact that CAA wants the language to change when it comes to Smith being suspended for something non-football related.

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This could be a multitude of things. It could be something on the field such as cursing at or making contact with a referee, getting into a fight or potentially even participating in some type of social justice demonstration. It is important to note that none of these reasons have come out as being officially part of the issue at hand, they are simply examples of situations Smith could find himself in.

However, it could also include off-the-field issues; whether that be substance related, violence related, etc. Regardless, Smith’s agency wants to ensure his guaranteed money stays guaranteed no matter what. Whether he would get suspended for a football move or something off the field, CAA does not care at this point. They aren’t backing down, and they want their client to get his money in any event, no matter the situation.