Chicago Bulls: Final month of 2018-2019 schedule will loom large

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A late pair against the Toronto Raptors

Within the last two weeks of the season, the Bulls will look to gain some steam when they take on the Toronto Raptors twice:

Tuesday March 26th (Away)

Saturday March 30th (Home)

Fortunately, both games are not on the road. The Bulls will, however, get a good look at the newest Raptor in Kawhi Leonard. If, somehow, the Bulls creep into the seventh or eighth seed in the East, they might just end up playing the Raptors in the first round. These two games will be a great test for Chicago as they (hopefully) look to push for the postseason.

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Kyle Lowry squaring off with Dunn should be a fun matchup to watch. Once again, the Bulls are hoping that Dunn take a step defensively and becomes the type of player they believe he can be. If he does, there’s a good chance he holds his own against Lowry.

Key matchup: Lauri Markkanen vs. Serge Ibaka

I label this matchup as key simply because I believe the Bulls should have the upper hand, and quite easily. Serge Ibaka is not the guy he once was, although he’s still more of a defensive-minded four. Markkanen, at his age, is probably a bit more athletic and a bigger threat offensively.

Once again, these are games which, if the Bulls can win them, should catapult them into a whole new level of confidence down the stretch.