Chicago Bulls: Final month of 2018-2019 schedule will loom large

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Washington Wizards on the double

Within two weeks of each other, the Bulls will face the Washington Wizards on two occasions in the final month of the season:

Wednesday March 20th (Home)

Wednesday April 3rd (Away)

The Wizards did something very interesting this offseason, which just might completely derail the team of any hope of contending in the East. Washington went out and signed Dwight Howard as soon as he and the Brooklyn Nets cut ties — yes, the Nets didn’t even want the guy.

It will be highly intriguing to see if Howard’s personality (and obviously his game) can mesh with a player like John Wall. The leader of this team is undoubtedly the 8-year veteran point guard, and if you’re a Wizards fan, you’re hoping and praying that Howard is on his best behavior and has come to Washington with a fresh, positive attitude.

For the Bulls, John Wall will present that tough matchup you look to win in every game. Facing a guy like Dunn, Wall poses a big problem. Dunn will have his hands full defensively, which is an area the Bulls are hoping he takes the next step in this season.

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Key matchup: Bradley Beal vs. Zach LaVine

Two scoring-minded guards will square off in this one, with LaVine taking on Bradley Beal. The leading scorer for the Wizards last year, Beal averaged 23 points per game. One of the biggest questions surrounding LaVine this next season will be how he will improve defensively. If he’s not at his best, Beal could expose him in a big way. You might remember the New Year’s Eve game last year where Beal went off for 39 points, including hitting seven from downtown.

You’d like to hope for a split in these two games, but the Bulls may end up having to take both of them depending on playoff positioning.