Chicago Bears: 4 offensive takeaways from second preseason game

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Comfort in new offense is apparent

One thing I saw from fans who probably took one look at the box score and didn’t watch a single second of the game was an overreaction to quarterback Mitch Trubisky‘s night. Folks, he played eight snaps. Take a deep breath and move on.

I do want to highlight the other two quarterbacks, however, because they received quite a bit more time and deserve some recognition.

Chase Daniel, while he threw an interception, looked very comfortable in the offense. I see a lot of fans upset with the turnovers, but the way I see it, I’d rather get those over with in the preseason. Make the mistakes now so success can come later.

Daniel had tremendous command of the offense and huddle, and this should come to no surprise as he’s familiar with Nagy’s offense. If Trubisky were to go down — God forbid — in the regular season, I wouldn’t bury the Bears’ season immediately. I know Daniel has been in his position for a reason over the last decade. He’s a confident guy and knows this offense.

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Tyler Bray, meanwhile, threw the ball a lot more due to being behind. As a third string guy, he also looked real good. The Bears likely won’t keep three quarterbacks, but Bray certainly could be an option if an injury occurred in the future. He, like Daniel, looked very comfortable in the offense.

In years past, fans were accustomed to seeing guys like Caleb Hanie in much of the preseason. We knew we were in trouble if Hanie ever saw the field. More recently, guys like Josh McCown and Brian Hoyer provided a bit more experience and poise at the position. This year, it’s great to see such confidence out of the backup spots. I’m not saying they are perfect, nor are they Nick Foles, but Daniel and Bray have been respectable — and I can live with that.