Chicago White Sox: Should fans be ashamed of themselves?

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The Chicago White Sox need positivity

Don’t worry. Everyone understands how hard this season is on all of us. The players, the coaches, the fans — nobody likes losing. On the upside, though, changes are happening, and the expectations for the White Sox should be high with upcoming players.

The players are trying their best right now. It’s never easy to capture wins when the attitude towards your team is negative.

It’s incredibly important that us fans keep looking towards the future. With new talent coming up into the White Sox’s arsenal, the South Side could be a force to be reckoned with after the rebuild is over. Don’t be one of those fans who only support the team in their best moments; support them during every season, every game, every at-bat.

Keep your friends’ attitudes up, too. Don’t let them bash our team. We are going to be just fine after this period of growth, and we are going to be a tough team to beat.

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Moreover, be persistent in who you all are. The White Sox, in all the teams I love and support, have the fans conveying the utmost respect and revere for their beloved team. Whatever you do, keep that through these few rough seasons.