Chicago White Sox: Should fans be ashamed of themselves?

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Keep up the morale — for other fans, too

If you hear another fan trashing your team when they are having a sub-par season, change the attitude of the conversation. Take the negative connotation away and swing it in a positive direction. This valley right now is only going to lead to a greater comeback.

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Talking negatively puts all fans of the Sox in bad spirit. It’s easy to get discouraged when everyone has a nasty attitude about a less-than-average season. Yes, it could be easy to just agree with them and use degrading words about the team; instead, though, rise above that and lift up the fans’ morale, too.

Believe it or not — it’s just as important to keep our own morale up like the team’s.

If we keep a positive outlook on this rising team, it will make for a much better, healthier atmosphere as fans. The negativity can really drag on not only the players but anyone involved with the team, even fans.

It is extremely rare for teams to have impressive records throughout rebuilding seasons. And rationally, it’s asinine to expect a team to have any sort of decent record during the years when the team has to rebuild from the bottom up.

It could also be worse. That loss column could be a lot higher, but the Sox have battled in a multitude of games to fight back and win.