Chicago White Sox: Should fans be ashamed of themselves?

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Keep a positive attitude — for the team’s sake

As previously mentioned, who would want to play for a team where the fans had no positive remarks to say about the team? I, for one, would certainly not enjoy the atmosphere of this type of fans’ mentality.

Having negative attitudes towards the team’s progression is inevitably going to make the team’s morale even worse. It is already hard enough to have a positive outlook as a team throughout the rebuild years. Naturally, the players will see the hate and disapproval than fans create for the team’s current rebuild situation.

The least we can do as loyal fans of our Southsiders would be to support them in any way that we can. Whether that be attending games, talking them up on social media, or just remaining a loyal fan and watching the games on TV — any little bit can help.

And when you sit down to look at the statistics, the White Sox really have not done poorly when keeping in mind that they are in the rebuild. Need proof?

The White Sox have not been swept in a series for a month — the last sweep loss coming from their battle with the Astros from July 6th to July 8th. Moreover, the White Sox just swept the Tampa Bay Rays 3-0.

This may not be saying much at first glance; however, to me it shows that these Sox are willing to fight for wins. They are putting up at least one win in every series to not get swept, which means they are not just rolling over and giving up. We need to support them in their efforts to garner as many wins as possible before the season is up.

Fans also need to keep in mind that there could be some very exciting things coming up soon within the club.