Chicago White Sox: Should fans be ashamed of themselves?

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The Chicago White Sox may be having a disappointing season to you, but you should keep the rebuild fresh in your mind. You should be ashamed of the way that you talk about a growing team throughout their rebuild.

Just kidding, Sox fans. We all know that the Chicago White Sox have one of the, if not the most loyal groups of fans out there. With this in mind, though, as fans, we have to remember that seasons throughout the rebuild period are hardly ever impressive seasons.

To have the best team that we can have, the fans also need to have a positive attitude about the team and energetic expectations for the future.

I get it — it can definitely be difficult sometimes to support a team that has been struggling lately. That’s your favorite team, yet they just are not doing what you want to see. It happens, but there’s something more important to be seen here.

Ever imagine how challenging it could be to play for a team where the fans are not supporting the team? That’s what Sox players have to deal with if we do not support the team and their endeavors.

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After seasons like 2005, watching the Sox have a winning percentage of .366 can be rather hard. It would be nice to claim the AL Central every year like 2005 and 2008 and even better to finish like 2005 by winning the World Series.

Unfortunately, we are most likely a couple years away from seasons with those outcomes. Moreover, that is why it is crucial for fans to be open-minded and understanding throughout this tough rebuild for the Sox.

Let’s take a look at what we can do as fans to help make this rebuild for not only the team but one another, too.