Chicago Bears Rumors: Potential trade scenarios for Le’Veon Bell

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Trade Scenario Number Two:

Pretty straight forward.

Since the Steelers own the rights to Bell, they would trade his rights to the Bears. The Bears, who are (probably) more willing to sign Bell to a lucrative long-term deal, would be able to negotiate a new contract with Bell.

In any Bell deal, the Steelers would want one of two things:

  • An early draft pick to pick Bell’s future replacement
  • Bell’s immediate replacement

Since the Steelers probably aren’t too motivated to trade Bell, it’d probably take both.

However, since the Bears would be including their own franchise running back in Howard, it’d probably take just one first-round pick in addition.

The Steelers would then be relieved of the pain and stress of Bell’s holdout. Since Howard is owed a significantly less amount of money, they’d be saving a ton of money in the process.

Additionally, the Bears wouldn’t be taking too much of a risk. Bell, a two-time All-Pro, is an established running back. If the Bears can manage to lock him up long-term, they’d be getting an upgrade in production, while only losing a first-round pick.

The decision would come down to two things:

  • The Steelers willingness to part with Bell a season early
  • The Bears urgency to upgrade their already above-average running back position

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I’ve mentioned it before, but its worth a reminder: this is a hypothetical scenario. Nothing has been rumored about either sides being involved in trade talks. Besides, its unlikely anyways.

But its fun to say “what if” every once in a while. Admittedly, I think it’d be pretty cool if Le’Veon Bell was a Chicago Bear, even if it meant parting with Jordan Howard.