Chicago Bears Rumors: Potential trade packages for Khalil Mack

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Khalil Mack Chicago Bears
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With the Chicago Bears needing desperate help at the pass rush and rumors swirling of Khalil Mack being on the block, could a potential deal happen?

As the Chicago Bears deal with the current situation of boasting the very last 2018 NFL Draft pick to be unsigned, the Oakland Raiders are amidst a big-time holdout of their own. For the Bears, it’s No. 8 overall pick Roquan Smith who still remains absent from training camp while his agency and the Bears keep hammering at a compromise.

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The Raiders, meanwhile, are without the best player on their roster in pass rusher Khalil Mack. In search of a new deal, Mack continues to hold out and it’s looking like it will get real ugly — that is, unless something miraculous happens.

Well, actually, not quite. One of the possibilities at this point, which wouldn’t necessarily be a miracle, would be for the Raiders to trade Mack if they cannot reach a deal. In fact, recent rumors suggest the Raiders will indeed trade Mack prior to the start of the season. Former NFL general manager Vinny Cerrato believes that this is exactly what will happen.

If Mack is truly on (or about to be on) the trade block, there may not be a team more fitting than the Bears. But, what would the Bears have to give up in order to get a guy like Mack? That’s the real question. Allow me to dive a bit deeper into this situation and present a few scenarios in this case.