Chicago Bears Rumors: Potential trade packages for Earl Thomas

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Trade Package No. 3

This might be the one package most fans are already preparing their nasty, angry comments from — and that’s alright, I understand.

In the past two scenarios, most of you might have wondered, “What do the Bears do with Eddie Jackson if they acquired Earl Thomas?” Obviously, like I alluded to earlier, Jackson would be on the market in order to recoup some of the loss in trading for Thomas.

But, in this case, the Bears send Jackson to Seattle as part of the deal.

Because he is a budding young safety and Thomas is approaching 30, the Bears would also get a pick in return here. I have a tough time believing that any trade from here on out wouldn’t include a late pick in return for the Bears. Once again, Pace loves acquiring assets and balancing out any losses he’s had in the past.

Jackson’s value might end up being even higher in the end, but the Bears would have to find a home for him if they traded for Thomas, either way. Jackson wouldn’t sit on the bench after starting his entire rookie season and performing well.

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The former Alabama product certainly has a bright future in the NFL and seems to have a knack for the big play, here and there. Bears fans may be sad losing Jackson, but let me assure you, Thomas is well-worth the haul. He instantly upgrades this defense, and that’s not to slight Jackson. Thomas is simply that good.