Chicago Bulls: Ranking top 5 key players for 2018-2019

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Shooting Guard Zach LaVine

In Zach LaVine, the Bulls see a franchise building block. If they didn’t, he wouldn’t have gotten a 4-year, $78 million deal this summer. He presents a lot to like going forward, with an obvious advantage athletically.

What he does well

LaVine’s athleticism has always allowed him to get into the lane and head to the basket with ease. He loves playing above the rim, and should continue to do so. He has a sweet jump shot when he’s on and can occasionally shoot the ball from deep as well. For LaVine, it’s all about getting a full offseason of work and coming into the season healthy. I think we’ll see a much-improved LaVine (statistically speaking) in 2018-2019.

What he needs to prove

Don’t you love a common theme? The trend with this team, outside of a couple players, is the lack of defense they present. LaVine has never been known as an elite, or even a good defender. For a team with so much young talent, I would love to see him take the reigns as a leader and become a better defensive player overall.

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Not only would this do wonders for the team defense in total, but it would send a message to everyone else on the team; a message that he is taking his role as a leader very seriously. If LaVine becomes a great defensive player as well, he’s instantly a borderline All Star.