Chicago Bulls: Ranking top 5 key players for 2018-2019

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Small Forward/Power Forward Jabari Parker

Ah, yes. The hometown kid Jabari Parker is back in Chicago. If the Bulls are to make any noise in the Eastern Conference — and by noise, I mean fighting for an eighth seed — Parker is going to need to take the reigns a bit.

What he does well

Parker can flat-out score. When he’s getting consistent minutes and he’s healthy, the guy can score in different ways. He has a jumper, including from outside. His post game is also not too shabby either. We know this kid can put the ball in the bucket. That’s the number one thing he was brought in to do. But, what else can he do to make that $20 million in the first year worth it?

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What he needs to prove

The obvious answer here is two-fold. First, Parker has to stay healthy — point blank. He needs to prove to everybody, himself included, that he can play a season in the NBA without getting seriously injured.

Second, Parker has to shut his critics up by proving he can play defense — at least show some effort, that’s all I’m saying. A few weeks ago, Parker somewhat discounted the idea that star players have to play defense. But, that was quite the foolish statement on his part if he truly thought before speaking. Parker needs to play adequate defense, that’s it. If he can represent anything other than a liability defensively, I’ll be happy.