Chicago Bulls: Ranking top 5 key players for 2018-2019

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Power Forward Bobby Portis

By the time the season rolls around, the hope is that Bobby Portis has an extension done with the Bulls. The front office had been talking about this as a big priority towards the start of the offseason, so hopefully that happens shortly. Portis will be an asset to this team for years to come (ideally) as he has become one of the better bench players in the league today.

What he does well

Portis has developed a very well-rounded game. As a four in this league, you need to be versatile. Portis has become much more well-rounded in the last year, proving he can knock down the three ball much more regularly. Defensively, he’s the energizer bunny out there for the Bulls. His electric presence is something the Bulls have needed since prime Taj Gibson left Chicago.

What he needs to prove

The main thing with Portis last year was that, after having a monster game, he could totally disappear the next night. Whether it’s Portis running dry on adrenaline from such great performances the night before, getting over confident or simply just an inconsistent player, that’s where I noticed a weakness last season.

We know what he is capable of both offensively and defensively. The thing I will be watching for is if he can hone all of his momentum and electricity, and stay level throughout the year.