Chicago White Sox: 4 key players during another rebuilding season

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Yoán Moncada Chicago White Sox
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Second Baseman: Yoán Moncada

Yoán Moncada has shown some major improvement offensively and is ranking high for the White Sox right now in quite a few stats.

Unfortunately, Moncada’s batting average of .229 is rather disappointing to see. The White Sox need to focus on raising this average up to make the team even stronger. If this happens, Moncada could be an outstanding player for the White Sox.

Although he has a lower batting average, Moncada is putting up quite the numbers. He ties for second with Anderson in runs (54), ranks fourth for hits (89) ties for fourth with Anderson in homers (14), and ranks second in RBIs (44).

The White Sox seem to be proud of his play recently, as they celebrated on Twitter his offensive presence in their lost against the Royals on Wednesday night.

If the White Sox do not decide to focus on him, I think it will negatively impact the team throughout the rebuild period. He is putting up great numbers right now other than the subpar batting average; in addition, if Moncada raises his batting average, he is much more likely to drive in even more runs — giving the White Sox a greater advantage offensively.

Moncada, too, is a good defensive player. He is behind Anderson in assists with 218. His fielding percentage is .957, which can be improved but is not bad whatsoever for a young player. He does lead the team in errors, though, with 16.

If the White Sox choose to develop Moncada’s abilities both offensively and defensively, he has the possibility to turn into one of the best players in the franchise.