Chicago White Sox: 4 key players during another rebuilding season

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Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are in their second season as a rebuild, so the key players on the team are essential to help rally whenever possible.

These key players for the Chicago White Sox range from bombastic batters, destructive defenders, and potentially strong pitchers. The White Sox have a 37-70 record after their most recent loss against the Kansas City Royals.

Moreover, it is understandable that some fans may be disappointed with how the season is going. On the plus side, though, we need to remember that with rebuilds come harsh seasons. There are many promising players performing well in top-notch plays for the White Sox, even if the record column does not reflect.

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Nonetheless, the White Sox unfortunately have not done too many big things this year. If they did not have some of the stronger players still on their roster, the Southsiders would not have much hope.

Luckily, many different players across the board have put up some great statistics for the White Sox, even though they may be some of the statistics that a lot of people tend to overlook. For example, the White Sox do not have the most impressive batting averages, but there are players with impressive runs scored, stolen bases, and more.

If the White Sox can focus on these four players and retain their top-notch play for next season, they could be in a great position and possible playoff contention. However, it will be essential that whoever they bring in from trades and the minors will have to step up and follow in the footsteps of the White Sox’s best players.