Chicago Bears: 5 major impacts of Roquan Smith holdout

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2018 NFL Draft
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This could greatly affect future rookie deals

Depending on how this new rule goes over in Year 1, future rookies could be in for quite the ride as well. I know one thing, if I play offense and am looking at being drafted in next year’s 2019 NFL Draft, I am breathing a sigh of relief looking at this Smith situation.

Defensive players are going to have a whole lot more to worry about when amidst negotiations in the future. Whether or not other teams decide to take the path the Bears have taken remains to be seen. Obviously, every other draft pick was signed prior to Smith, so this year is out of the question. But, in the coming years, other teams could end up taking a page out of the Bears’ book.

The language of contracts is going to be something analyzed very carefully in coming years, especially with the new rule in place — and who knows what rules could be implemented in the future, with safety becoming much more of a focus.

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Teams could be looking at this situation and thinking that they may want to do the same thing. Don’t think the Bears are the only team wanting to be in full control. I guarantee you there are other organizations taking notes. Owners like their money and they like being in control. Future defensive rookies could find themselves in a similar situation as Smith; you better believe it.