Chicago Bears: 5 major impacts of Roquan Smith holdout

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Depth pieces gaining valuable experience

A lot of people want to look at this holdout from purely a negative standpoint. But, like the experience Kwiatkoski is getting as a starter, that means there are other guys getting more time with the twos rather than the threes at times.

Another positive spin on this holdout could be that both guys like John Timu and Jonathan Anderson are getting even more run in training camp. Not only that, but they will likely get plenty of playing time in the preseason. With Kwiatkoski as a starter right now, the last thing the Bears will want to do is risk his health, thus Timu and Anderson should see more time.

On top of those two veterans, once  Joel Iyiegbuniwe is healthy, he will get more experience than he could have gotten with Smith in camp. There are so many negative aspects of this holdout, but one of the most important keys to winning a championship is having depth at as many positions as possible. The Bears are certainly building more valuable depth at the inside backer positions with some of these guys getting more run at this point.

It’s always easy to take a negative approach. But, the experience these other linebackers are getting and will get in the preseason is incredibly valuable not only to the Bears, but to their individual futures as well.