Chicago Cubs: It’s a whirling Darvish

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Tim Kurkjian
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Let’s listen to Tim Kurkjian

Of the three of them, Kurkjian is the only genuine reporter, so if he’s hearing something we can at least believe it’s sourced and not retaliation for misdemeanors committed in his own head. But Kurkjian’s segment on that radio show merely indicated confusion amongst Cubs players over Darvish’s status rather than frustration.

Most of that stemmed from Darvish’s teammates wanting him to be on the mound, because of course they would, because they know how good he is. They partially know that from the way he swirly’d the entire lineup in the blue toilet water in Game 3 of the NLCS last year.

It stays in the ESPN family of course, where the local beat for the WWL, Jesse Rogers, asked Joe Maddon about all this. He got this response. Of course, we also got this from Rogers earlier in the night:

Not that Rogers ever followed-up with Maddon regarding Sutcliffe’s and Kurkjian’s comments. Never mind that would have been the proper thing to do especially given Sutcliffe is at least, in the loosest form, a team employee. By not doing so, Rogers is basically admitting all three of them are full of what’s in the scented bags with a cartoon dog on them.

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Sutcliffe never sustained a major arm-injury, as Darvish has. So what’s more likely? That players are whispering to a clearly biased Sutcliffe about thinking Darvish is a character out of “Christopher Robin?” Or that Darvish is being extra careful because a second major surgery to his elbow very likely derails his career for good? I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.