Chicago Cubs: It’s a whirling Darvish

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Rick Sutcliffe has it all wrong

Perhaps A-Rod was just parroting what his ESPN cohorts Rick Sutcliffe and Tim Kurkjian had said on the local ESPN radio outlet on the Waddle And Silvy show in the past week. But even that’s a little wishy-washy.

While Sutcliffe claimed “he didn’t see fastball command from Darvish” in spring training, seeing as how he’s a rookie league coach one can wonder just how much time he spent observing Darvish’s bullpen sessions in Mesa (and the awkwardness of someone having nothing to do with the big league team standing there must make for curious television. I’m sure Darvish’s expression said something like, “Can I help you?”).

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More importantly, in that interview with Waddle And Silvy, Sutcliffe negates his whole point of view by admitting “it was over for me with Darvish when he wouldn’t sign autographs for fans in wheelchairs.” Any search for this anywhere provides nothing, and while I’m sure Sutcliffe saw what he saw, who knows what exactly he’s talking about.

He basically says he has it out for the guy, which makes him all the more likely to pour onto him for his perceived crimes against whatever Sutcliffe’s “code” might be. This basically boils down to, “Hey everyone! An old man is talking!”