Chicago Cubs: 5 questions demanding answers, and quickly

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3. Will Yu Darvish return to form? When? For how long?

I am not going to get into any of the drama which has been prevalent lately regarding Yu Darvish. What I will say is this: Cubs fans hope and pray that he gets healthy and his game is on point when it counts most. Whether you’re on one side or the other in terms of all of the chatter going on, as a fan, you have to be on the man’s side.

After all, you — like the Cubs — have no choice. He was given quite a bit of cash to come to Chicago, so the Cubs are stuck with him. That’s kind of a harsh way of putting it, but the truth of the matter is just that: Darvish is going to be a Cub for a while.

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Let’s not forget, when Darvish is healthy, he isn’t by any means a bad pitcher. It’s a small sample size, but his last two starts back in May saw him give up only two runs in 10.0 innings pitched, while striking out 12. Folks, that’s nothing to overlook.

Sure, he’s had his struggles in the fifth inning. That, for one, is a mystery. At this point, it has to be more of a mental thing than anything. If he can get past his fifth inning pitfalls, Darvish is going to be fine. The most important part about his season, now, is whether or not he gets healthy.

If he gets healthy, and I’m talking 100 percent healthy, Darvish is going to be a fine part of this rotation. I believe it 100 percent.