Chicago Cubs: Potential Trade Packages for Bryce Harper

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Some of the latest Chicago Cubs rumors have us all curious. With Bryce Harper reportedly available, could it happen?

Wouldn’t this be something.

Theo Epstein has surprised us before.

2016’s Aroldis Chapman trade was a stunner. Last years Jose Quintana trade caught everybody off guard.

But if Theo pulled off the unthinkable, and brought in free-agent-to-be Bryce Harper for the final months of the season, it would be a stunner for the ages.

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The stunner wouldn’t be Harper in a Chicago Cubs uniform. That’s been long speculated and rumored.

The stunner wouldn’t even be Theo pulling off a big move. We’ve kind of become accustomed to that.

The true stunner would be the timing. Most Cubs fans that expect Harper to be a Cub don’t expect it to come to fruition until 2019. Just the thought of Harper joining the Cubs for the stretch run of 2018 would’ve been crazy prior to this season.

It’s still pretty crazy now.

But apparently, Harper is available.

And the Cubs and Harper have always had mutual interest.

The Cubs have the assets to make a deal happen. As of Monday night, the Nationals seem somewhat motivated to deal Harper.

That looks like the perfect storm to me.