Chicago Bears: Ultimate, original 2018 fantasy football team names

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With fantasy football drafts coming up or already kicking off, we take a look at some of our very own original team names for Chicago Bears fans.

Fantasy football players, assemble! It is that time of year again where fantasy leagues are gearing up for their draft and, as Chicago Bears fans, we are all scouring the internet to try and find one of the more unique or peculiar fantasy team names for our squad.

If you’re like me, you want to try and find a team name that some of your friends and league mates might have to ask you about in order to understand. Whether it’s a bit of a stretch or it features a rookie sixth-round pick from this year’s draft, as a Bears fan, you want to be original.

Fortunately for you, here at Da Windy City, we have put our heads together and come up with several team names which are reflective of this year’s team. If you’re a die-hard Bears fan who is looking for that unique team name that some of your league mates may not even comprehend at first, this is the place for you.

Without further adieu, here is our list, accompanied with an occasional explanation or further detail:

  • Trubiscuits and Gravy (A delicious breakfast accompanied by our franchise quarterback, Mitch Trubisky)
  • Do Ya Mitch Me?
  • Trubisky Business
  • Taylor made for Tru (In honor of newcomer Taylor Gabriel‘s relationship with his new quarterback)
  • Glass Half Fuller (How we all looked at the Kyle Fuller free agency saga)
  • Every kiss begins with Trey (Trey Burton‘s lovely wife should approve)
  • Hotel Roquanda (An all-time great movie paired with a soon-to-be all-time great linebacker, Roquan Smith)
  • Roquan with the Wind
  • Javonna be friends? (This begins a quad of names featuring rookie seventh-rounder Javon Wims)
  • Javon Amukamarry me? (A bit of a stretch, but we tried to make Prince Amukamara proud)
  • Out on a Wims
  • Javonna bet?
  • Famous Amos Cookies (If Adrian Amos loves chocolate chip cookies, this is a huge win)
  • Turok Cohen: Linebacker Hunter (Hat tip to the Fantasy Footballers Podcast for help with this idea)
  • I’m Cohen crazy! (What defenders say when trying to corral Tarik Cohen)
  • Cohen somewhere?
  • Swaggy like Nagy
  • Bilal be waitin’
  • Nichol and dimin’ (Yes, even a fifth round pick, Bilal Nichols, gets some love)
  • The Tonight Show with Charles Leno
  • Leno my Eggo (Who doesn’t love waffles?)
  • Acho! Bless you.
  • Acho Bell Grande (Wonder if Sam Acho likes Taco Bell?)
  • Danny Darko (Ageless film accompanied by Danny Trevathan)
  • Starship Cooper (Another great movie paired with cornerback Marcus Cooper)

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Well, there you are, folks. Hopefully this helps in the battle for which Bears fan boasts the best fantasy football team name. Best of luck this season!