Chicago Cubs Rumors: Double-Dip trade coming with the Texas Rangers?

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Could the Chicago Cubs look to the Texas Rangers yet again for help prior to the trade deadline?

It would seem that even with the recent addition of Jesse Chavez, the Chicago Cubs are still in the hunt for pitching assistance. It also should be no mystery that they’re right in the thick of the Zach Britton sweepstakes. However, as fate would have it, the North Siders might be returning to the Lonestar State for reinforcements.

Stop me if you heard this before: The Cubs are looking for bullpen/pitching help at the trade deadline.

In all likelihood, you’re well aware of the situation. The connections to Britton or J.A. Happ among others isn’t exactly a coincidence. While the bullpen has been doing well this year, there are rumblings and speculation as to whether or not the bough breaks when the playoffs come around.

It’s clear that the Cubs starting pitchers have vastly underachieved this year (with the exception of Jon Lester). The lack of deep starts is more or less concerning and this winds up taxing the bullpen.

It has been nice to see some new faces (Brandon Morrow, Anthony Bass, Luke Farrell, Randy Rosario, Steve Cishek, etc.) all contributing in some fashion. Some of which really don’t have a ton of serious major league experience until this season.

Over the last month or so, several have found their way to the DL (Morrow, Bass, Carl Edwards Jr., Eddie Butler — yes he is still on the team, etc.). It’s becoming more and more clear that the Cubs are starting to wear a little thin with their pitching. The scary thing is that we’re only at the midway mark of the season.

Chicago Cubs Cole Hamels
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More help is (hopefully) on the way

Last night, while the Cubs duked it out with the Diamondbacks, it was reported that there were Chicago scouts watching the Athletics blast Cole Hamels and the Rangers:

It wasn’t quite the showing that Hamels was looking for (5.0 IP, 7ER, 5K, 2BB) given it’s likely his last in a Ranger uniform. This season hasn’t been terribly kind to him and given that his contract could expire at the end of the year, he’s a prime Cubs target. There’s a chance he could be had for cheap, which should intrigue a team with a depleted farm system. He isn’t the ace he was in Philidelphia, but in short relief, he could flash his good stuff.

While we’re mentioning Hamels, let’s keep things in Arlington. The other possible target is a former starter, Matt Moore. As fate would have it, he also had a bad night (1.2 IP, 6 ER, 0K, 1BB). However (like Hamels), he too could be had for cheap and he too may make some sense as a possible Tyler Chatwood replacement/bullpen arm.

Moore did also spend some time with Joe Maddon when they were in Tampa Bay. For what it’s worth since he was relieved of starting duties earlier this season, his ERA dropped from a putrid 8.02 to a fair 3.29 (per ESPN) and his fastball picked up its speed. That, of course, doesn’t include last night’s stinker.

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As far as the Texas Rangers go, the Cubs could try to double dip with the lefties. They could just call it an extension of the Chavez deal. Jokes aside, getting both of these guys back into the NL could help them from hemorrhaging hits and runs.

At least consider who you’d rather have toe the rubber in a high-pressure situation (ex: NLDS or NL Wild Card):

Moore vs. Farrell?

Hamels vs. Rosario?

One week remains before the trade deadline…