Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber’s Derby outing could spark World Series run

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber may have something to say about where his team lands come the postseason

When Kyle Schwarber was announced as the second Chicago Cubs representative in the 2018 Home Run Derby, not many thought that he would make much of an impact. The Cubs’ lefty faced the Houston Astro’s Alex Bregman in the first round.

Schwarber went on a tear — posting 16 home runs. However, it was just barely enough to hold off a late-surging Bregman, who hit 15.

The Home Run Derby moved to the semi-final with Schwarber, Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins and Max Muncy advancing. Schwarber was pitted against Hoskins who posted an enormous 20 homers.

The Cubs’ outfielder fell behind early with only two home runs in the first minute of his round. Then, like the 2016 World Series champion he is, Schwarber connected for 15 homers before regular time expired. The next thirty seconds of extra time was exquisite, as Schwarber smashed four dingers in order to advance to the finals in his first derby appearance.

And then, the proverbial roof caved in on Schwarber. The hometown favorite Harper — who had only had to hit 13 long-balls in each of the last two rounds to advance — smashed 19 to defeat Schwarber 19-18. All-Star Weekend has gotten off to an exciting start and should only get better from here on out.

The Cubs’ main push for this year’s World Series is imminent now more than ever. With a high-powered offense, I truly believe that these 2018 Cubs are primed and ready to make the push only true Cubs fans know they are capable of. The Cubs currently have the best record in the entire National League entering the second half.

A performance like the one Schwarber had could ignite an already dangerous hitter. While Schwarber has put up good numbers this year, he also has the potential to carry the entire offense by himself. If he can find his way into one of those grooves in the second-half, it could spark the entire team.

His epic showing on Monday night could just be the kindling that sets their second-half ablaze. Momentum and confidence can carry you a long way in baseball. At the moment, Schwarber has a lot of each.

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So there is one question that remains: with the performance that Schwarber put on, will this sweet-swinging momentum continue as the Cubs seek a second trip to the World Series in four years?

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