Chicago Bears: 3 rookies who could immensely alter training camp

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Kylie Fitts Chicago Bears
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Outside Linebacker Kylie Fitts

First, let’s kick it off with one of those head-scratching picks for a lot of fans. Granted, Kylie Fitts was a sixth-round pick, so Pace didn’t necessarily reach. But, the average fan had no clue who this guy was. Most people were just happy to see Pace finally address the pass rush — better late than never, right?

Coming out of Utah, Fitts is looking to prove one thing first and foremost: That he can stay healthy. Over his college career, Fitts struggled mightily with staying healthy. When he was on the field, his sheer speed and athleticism took over. It wasn’t hard to pick him out when watching Utah football. He plays like an absolute animal. He’s relentless.

Opposite of Leonard Floyd, most people are assuming either Aaron Lynch or Sam Acho will land that starting spot. However, if Fitts comes into camp fully healthy, he might just have a shot to make some noise.

If we know one thing about Pace, it’s that he is a sucker for athletes. Fitts is exactly that. At the edge position, the trait Fitts might have Lynch and Acho beat on is just that: Athleticism. He possesses incredibly quick feet and the speed of a safety, all while playing linebacker.

If Fitts impresses early and often, there might be a concrete argument for why Vic Fangio and the defense should give him a shot as the starter — at least in the preseason. At this point, that’s the biggest question mark for this defense; who will start opposite Floyd. If Fangio and head coach Matt Nagy see the potential of having two quick-twitch athletes starting on either side with Floyd and Fitts, I truly believe they will take that shot, especially in the preseason.

Lynch has his injury history working against him (he’s been hurt twice since joining the Bears) and Acho isn’t the most explosive athlete. Fitts has the opportunity in front of him to step up and make this an even more intriguing competition.