5 reasons the Chicago Bears will make the playoffs in 2018

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Chicago Bears, Senior Bowl
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Element of surprise

At this point, little is known about exactly what Nagy’s offense will look like. Media access to OTAs was limited and so we are left to speculate. Now, we can certainly draw inferences based on Nagy’s past. Yet, even then there are questions as to whether the Bears offense will look more like the Kansas City Chiefs’ or the Philadelphia Eagles.

While we may learn a little more coming out of training camp, for the most part, it will remain a mystery until the season starts to unfold. We know Nagy favors a creative offense, using a variety of formations. We also know he tends to favor RPOs and having his quarterback get the ball out of his hands quickly.

Beyond that, opposing teams will be diligently working to forecast what that will ultimately look like. What we do know is it will be fun to watch teams try to figure it out. Another thing to consider is that the Bears have a fairly difficult stretch of four games to open up the season. Those teams will have little regular season tape to review to get a flavor for Nagy’s tendencies.

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Therefore, from that perspective, the Bears could have the edge over these teams. If they can get off to a fast start, it could build confidence and momentum that could carry them through the rest of the season.