5 reasons the Chicago Bears will make the playoffs in 2018

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With training camp less than two weeks away, it’s time to look at why the Chicago Bears will exceed expectations.

Chicago Bears fans across the country are coming down with a serious case of football fever as training camp draws near. The Bears report to camp in less than two weeks, at which time preparations for the season will begin in earnest.

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But what can we reasonably expect from a Bears team with so many new faces, a new coaching staff, and new offense? Well if you were to ask EA Sports’ Madden NFL 19 the answer is, ‘not much.’ Fortunately, those ratings mean absolutely nothing with respect to what happens on the actual field.

What matters, to borrow an old basketball adage, are the Jimmies and Joes and the Xs and Os. At the end of the day, the players who take the field will dictate how far this team goes. And with respect to those players, the more talented they are, the better they are likely to be.

Alright, I understand I just stated the blatantly obvious. However, it’s important to mention because, for the last few years, the Bears didn’t have that talent. Rather, there was a huge talent gap between them and their opponents. So as the Bears get set to begin training camp there are reasons to be more optimistic than in years past. While fans still have to manage expectations, there are at least a few reasons why the Bears could surprise everyone and sneak into the playoffs.