Chicago Bulls could swoop in after Jabari Parker’s latest social activity

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Both the Milwaukee Bucks and Jabari Parker have made interesting moves lately. Could the Chicago Bulls be a beneficiary?

Jabari Parker is the hometown kid. Every Chicago Bulls fan knows he has his roots in the Windy City. With restricted free agency progressing slowly for the most part, where does he stand with the Milwaukee Bucks at the moment?

It might intrigue you to know that recently, Parker has apparently made a statement via social media. Without any offers and without the look of commitment on Milwaukee’s end, Parker has done some unfollowing.

So, let’s recap:

Parker has blocked a Bucks fan page. He has unfollowed the Bucks official Twitter account. He has unfollowed his All Star teammate, Giannis Antetokounmpo — although many people report Parker having re-followed Giannis. To top it off, Parker has been unfollowed by his own team’s official account — I suppose, eye for an eye, right?

Things don’t appear to be going too well between the two sides. Parker’s qualifying offer was at $4.3 million, but there has been nothing spoken of a potential longer-term deal between the two.

Just a few days ago, the Bucks reached an agreement with free agent center Brook Lopez on a 1-year deal worth $3.4 million. Sure, that contrast is modest in comparison to other deals being handed out this summer. But, every little bit is significant for the Bucks right now.

According to ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks, the Bucks are now just $15 million under the hard cap. While it is unknown what kind of deal Parker will receive at this point, my guess is that the Bucks will be reluctant to spend too much on their former lottery pick to bring him back.

That’s where the Bulls could come in. Salary cap issues are beginning to tighten up around the league, with teams running out of cash. There are still so many good players out there via free agency, and most teams simply cannot afford to pay them — but, the Bulls can.

The Bulls are wanting to get a deal done with Bobby Portis prior to the start of next season, so they will have to account for that money as well. But, they know that next year, the salary of Robin Lopez will be gone ($14 million) and the contract of Omer Asik can be terminated. With more room than the majority of teams, it wouldn’t be crazy to think the Bulls could come in with an offer between $10-$15 million per year for Parker.

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What’s also not crazy is that it might be all it takes to land him. At the moment, I would bet the Bulls are still interested and, from the looks of it, Parker is uninterested in Milwaukee. You do the math.