3 reasons the Chicago Bulls should not match Zach LaVine’s offer

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Let the kid play

Finally, you have to ask yourself why the Bulls would match such a lucrative offer to LaVine when they seemingly drafted his replacement this year. With the twenty-second overall pick in the 2018 draft, the Bulls selected Chandler Hutchison out of Boise State.

The Bulls courtship of Hutchison had been lengthy. Weeks before the draft, there were reports that the Bulls had made a promise to draft Hutchison if he was available when the Bulls made their second selection of the first round. Although management denies such a promise was made, you have to believe this is more than just a coincidence.

What this tells me is that the Bulls have had their eye on Hutchison for a while and are enamored with his game. Based on his size, and skill set, he is projected to play that ever-popular “3-and-D” position the modern NBA covets. Coincidentally, that is the same position LaVine would play if he re-signed.

While I understand the argument that Hutchison is an unproven rookie, there are a few reasons it makes sense to let him play. For starters, it’s not as if LaVine is an established, prolific player. In addition, the Bulls are not going to be competitive for a couple of years. So why not see what they have in Hutchison now to see if he’s a part of their future when they are competitive?

Bottom Line

The Bulls have a very serious decision to make in the next two days. If they are smart, they will thank LaVine for his year of service, and send him on his way to Sacramento — perhaps with a “thank you” note to the Kings.