Chicago Bulls: Potential trades in light of Jimmy Butler report

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Unlikeliest of unlikely scenarios

Already, I have seen fans on Twitter clamoring (hopefully jokingly) to bring Butler back to the Bulls. It’s a nice thought, it really is. But, there’s a better chance of Charles Barkley eating rocks wearing a tutu on set, while Ernie and the gang are dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, than there is of Butler coming back to Chicago.

Look, Butler hates the Bulls front office. I would love to throw a fair deal out there that could see Butler come back to Chicago, but the reality is, he would never stay.

The Bulls would bring Butler back, all while giving up a bunch of assets in the process, only for him to leave again next summer. This idea isn’t even close to worth exploring.

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I will just say that it is very unlikely for Butler to even consider coming back to Chicago. Even if two teams agreed on a deal, Butler likely would not have any desire to play for the Bulls and could want out sooner than later. The entire idea is just one huge mess, and it’s not worth going into in my opinion.

But, if Chicago wants to pursue Towns on the other hand, I am fully on board. Bring on a guy like Towns, next to Markkanen, and the future instantly looks much brighter.